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Just a goofy artist who criticizes his own art to the point he never uploads everything.
So basically I'm very unreliable.

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Posted by CoreifyGames - November 11th, 2019

Starting tomorrow, I'll finally be able to start doing this art stuff more professionally than ever before. I invested in a new (albeit cheap) drawing tablet that I'll be able to use to more easily make and upload art! No more having to hotwire a crappy scanner/printer to a tiny laptop, now I can start the art on my pc and finish it on my pc. I'll be able to, more confidently, start uploading my art and hopefully start to make a living off of it.

Posted by CoreifyGames - March 9th, 2019

So as the name says, I'm pretty much lost up a river without a paddle. I've got no motivation to draw, act, or even game and I don't know what to do now. I'm no artist, let's be honest. The best I've ever done were a few character designs and even then they weren't all that good. Errors and everything that I fail to catch before upload and don't feel compelled to go back and fix them so I wind up leaving them and they go unnoticed. I can't animate, can't draw backgrounds, can't even draw legs. I CAN'T DRAW LEGS. Hell most of the time I can't even draw arms, hence why I tend to use bases created by other people unless I have a really good day. My creativity is stagnant at best, and not even my own family save my disowned mother like what few drawings I make, always telling me to branch off and stop drawing these cartoons and draw "actual art" like my younger cousin.

Do you know how it feels to have all that work undermined by a family who sees cartoons/anime as the lowest of the low and not even art? Telling you to just throw everything out and start doing realistic art like "everyone else". Yeah, it's honestly tiring and mentally taxing. Even when they compliment the art, you know it's just a facade and they still hate it, never taking the time to understand WHY you like doing that type of art and why you don't like doing the other. I know nobody will have the patience to wait and read my little rant so don't feel compelled to like my art, I know it isn't near the quality of other stuff on this site and I wouldn't try to make it out as such. Even following me wouldn't be such a good idea since I have no idea when I'll upload another piece if ever. I'm lost, with no motivation and with a family who refuses to support what few skills I take pride in and even seeks to surpass me on a personal level, bragging about their art and even bragging about how their art was featured in a hallway or small show, and I'm just lost. I have nothing unique about me, my art is generic at best, most of it is just based on one character, who as far as you all know has no personality outside your atypical brutish, stoic anime guy, unless you knew me on Shinobi Legends for long enough. If anyone saw this and read all the way to this point, just give me a sign that you saw it in the comments with maybe just a simple word....How about just "Saw this." and that'll be fine for me. Sorry, I just wanted to rant a bit and explain why I don't upload anything.


Posted by CoreifyGames - December 7th, 2018

Sooooo, don't know what to post here. I guess I could just introduce myself. Yeah I'll do that.

My name's Christopher Lawrence, also known as Coreify (Core-if-eye) by my friends. I'm from the magical land of oranges and absolute wackos (Including one Egoraptor) Florida. I live in pretty much the same way Arin did, in a backwater town void of many of the glitz and glimmer of the cities but with one minor change. I live very close to the border of Lake Mary, a popular Tourist stop for people on their way to Disney or Orlando, and as such we've got a bunch of different places and businesses here. Hell there's a Subway 3 minutes from my own home but unlike Arin Hanson, I actually love Subway.

Anyway, I didn't grow up on Newgrounds, hell I never even knew it existed until Arin mentioned it on Game Grumps. I'm an anime lover, as you could probably see by my art I've posted here and from now on, whenever I get the urge to draw something I'll post the finished product or just the sketch here to gauge whether or not I like it and if people want to actually see it. If you couldn't tell I like to go off on tangents, albeit small ones. But yeah, I'm just a dude who likes voice acting (Though I had to quit for legal reasons for a few years) anime, and video games. That's about it. Just your typical lazy protagonist whose life is the laziest story ever with nothing interesting happening (Aside from my own mother stealing and selling my $2000 gaming pc setup.)